1. All sales are final.

2. If, within 30 days of purchase, amechanical part proves defective, seller will, within a reasonable period of time, replace the part.

3. No returns of electrical parts, replacement or defective electrical parts. Electrical parts sold are not guaranteed to solve your electrical problem. We accept no responsibility for improper diagnosis or installation.

4. Seller is not responsible for or liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damages.

5. No warranty or reimbursement on labor under any circumstance.

6. No warranty on timing belt, seals, gaskets, fluid or coolant.

7. In the event a mechanical part is defective, and replacement is not obtainable, refund will be made by company check.

8. All sheet metal, glass, and body parts are sold as is.

9. Non-rebuildable or incomplete cores are not acceptable for credit.

10. Damaged or altered parts are not warranted.

11. Keep your receipt. No claim or warranty without it.

12. No claim made on body parts, colors or trim packages.

13. Overheating voids all warranties.

14. Unless stated otherwise on the face of this receipt, no other warranty is made or implied.

15. Seller is not responsible for buyer's error.

16. If, at seller's sole discretion, a non-warranty return is allowed, a 20% restocking fee will be charged.

17. If you have a problem, contact Southern Auto Salvage & Recycling Inc. prior to removing part or attempting any repair to part.

18. No warranty or return under any circumstance on carburetors or parts costing $10 or less.

19. Southern Auto Salvage & Recycling Inc. makes no claim as to the suitability of any part for a particular purpose. Buyer is responsible for determining suitability of parts purchased for purposes intended.

20. A fee will be charged on all returned checks.


1. Special orders are non-returnable.

2. A minimum deposit of 50% is required for all special orders.

3. Deposits are non-refundable.

4. Parts and deposits left over 30 DAYS shall be forfeited.

5. Seller is not responsible for delay in UPS or freight shipments. Freight delivery is beyond the seller�s control.

6. All conditions listed under terms of sale (above) apply.


1. Used engines are guaranteed not to have a cracked block, head or bad crankshaft. Parts external to the cylinder block and the cylinder head(s) (I.e. carburetor, distributor, fuel pump, etc.) are not warranted. These are left on the engine for the installer�s convenience ONLY.

2. All conditions listed under terms of sale (above) apply.

3. Used engines guaranteed against rod knock, excessive smoking, and excessive oil consumption.

4. It is recommended the buyer replace timing belt and rear main seal and inspect gaskets prior to installation.

5. All parts on the engine at time of sale must be returned with the core engine for core credit.

6. Guarantee is void on all parts that have had a heat tab attached to them by Seller that shows signs of part being overheated, or on parts where buyer removes such tabs.


1. Improper detent adjustment, low fluid level, failure to install new filter (A.T. only), broken front pump, or improper installation voids all warranties.

2. All conditions listed under terms of sale (above) apply.

3. It is recommended buyer replace front seal prior to installation.